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Dixie Comet has never done an extreme porno before and this may have been a bit too harsh to start with but she managed to get through it. She seemed to think of it as a bit of a joke so after getting her on her knees they slap her tits and face until she does take it seriously. They hold her head to shove cock down her neck then flip her upside down.

She is lowered onto his cock balls deep then held there by her ponytail for a few seconds before being allowed up for breath. After that she is led upside down on her back with her head hanging over the edge of the couch and that’s when the real throat fucking starts. That goes fine until he holds his cock down her throat when she starts choking.

She is fully stripped and bent over to have her ass paddled then is lowered onto his cock again. She is held there until she pukes then starts crying because she couldn’t manage it longer. She is still crying as her head is held back for them to dump cum on her face. You can see Dixie choking on cock at Facial Abuse.

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Unique Suitra went to Ghetton Gaggers for her first porno as it was supposed to be an easy way to make money and they don’t care how you look as long as you don’t mind being abused. Just as well with her fat ass and big tits but the guys work with anyone so they soon had her stripped and choking on cock. Not satisfied whith making her choke on cock they had her on her back on the couch and sat omn her face making her lick ass before pounding her throat again until she puked.

After she puked they rubbed her face in it until she was totally covered then Red lay on his back and made her put her head down until his cock passed her tonsils. Once there he held her head still as he pounded her throat until she puked some more. He then wanted to see how long she could hold her breath so held her gagging on cock until she struggled free. She was bent over for the next bit, a rough ass fucking that had her screaming and then crying. Not one to hold back he bent her over to make sure he could get deeper.

He was on his back then and made her ride him with his cock in her ass before Bootleg joined in and the double penetrated her. The screaming and crying got louder and louder until they eventually got fed up of her. They spread her ass as wide as they could then told her to get on her knees. Once there they took turns leaving a load of cum on her face then upended the dogs bowl full of puke on her head. They even spat milk on her head to leave her a covered mess. You can see Unique Suitra take a hard throat fucking at Ghetto Gaggers.

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Hailey Young is the first person to ever have four visits to Facial Abuse and how the guys wished it was someone prettier. As they pointed out to her, she was getting on 30 so lose the Young surname, 30 isn old for a porn star. Big Red took it upon himself to make sure she didn’t want a fifth visit. She was made to strip and get on her knees with her hands behind her back as he started off hard, fucking her face at full speed while holding her head. The way Red saw it she’d had enough practise already.

After that she was held upside down and impaled on cock until Red was balls deep in her throat. He then fucked her face hard until she puked before putting her back against the couch and skull fucking her at full speed. Next he had her lie on her back and sat on her face making her lick his ass while playing with his cock. She went back on top then and a hand on her head made sure she swallowed cock all the way down until she puked. This still wasn’t enough so Red shoved her face in the bowl of puke.

He bent her over then so fuck her from behind. This made her squeal but not loud enough for Red so he changed holes and started fucking her ass. That had her squealing like a pig but she stayed where she was and took it. After that she led on her back with her arms behind her head and on instructions kept her mouth open as Red let fly and left a load of cum in her mouth and on her face. You can see Hailey Young choking on cock for a fourth time at Facial Abuse.

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Cassandra is just about the most stunning Latina I’ve ever seen and to see her act like all the other dirty women abused on here is a shame. Never mind, the guys treated her exactly as hard as anyone else though it must have been tough. She was stripped and made to wear a dog collar before the first cock hit her tonsils. Big Red drilled her throat first and face fucked her till she puked. He didn’t let up and soon was face fucking her while his balls bounced off her lip. She rode them next, big cock fucking her ass before she was sat down to have her face covered in cum. Watch this dirty latina stunner at Latina Abuse.

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While Nicoletta is more than willing to try absolutely anything she lacks the abilities. For instance, her mouth is so small her teeth were scraping Bootlegs cock but they went through with everything anyway. He sat her down to force his cock in her mouth but had to really struggle to get balls deep.

Even using the double-ended dildo they couldn’t do a great deal, her mouth just doesn’t open wide enough but when they tried to force it they actually caught her tongue on her teeth, her mouth is that small. Sat back with her head against the back of the couch she had nowhere to go as he forced his cock past her tonsils. As punishment for scraping his cock he shoved a speculum in her ass and opened it up.

After that he opened the speculum in her pussy then fucked her ass while keeping the speculum open. She is bent over standing up to be fucked then led on her back so her can get deeper in her pussy. She may not be suited to it but she is willing to try anything. They finish by him fucking her pussy then dropping her to the floor for a face full of cum. You can see Nicoletta Frost facefucked at Facial Abuse.

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Jada is classed as an A-list porn star so getting her on to do an extreme sex scene was great for the guys. She was made to come in her panties then had them shoved in her mouth and was tied up. She was brought to more orgasms and the panties were removed so she could lick up her own mess before having cock shoved in her mouth. She had her face slapped hard for not swallowing cock as deep as they wanted but that changed as they forced cock past her tonsils. She took a hard face fucking then they moved on lower. They fucked her ass and Donkey Dick forced her to take all 10 and half inches in her ass. Big Red did the same before they sat her down and squirted cum over her face. Watch this sexy black ghetto star at Ghetto Gaggers.

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Jalisa and Ebony Ice are sisters and have both done scenes here before but never together. They start off both sucking the same cock and kissing before the guys decide to make it more disgusting. As they fuck the face of one the other lies below the cock, mouth open ready to catch any puke from her sister. Disgusting.

As one is getting throat fucked the other is licking his ass before he turns and they swap jobs. Both are lying on their backs on the couch as he takes turn skull fucking them balls deep. Going back to the disgusting shit he has one lie under him as he forces the others head down all the way again puking on each other.

With one on her back, the other on all fours he takes turns fucking them before having one suck his balls and her sisters pussy at the same time. Next up they use a double-ended dildo together then forces two dildo in the one pussy. Both girls are made to kiss as they get covered in cum. You can see these two sisters in the most disgusting cock choking scene at Ghetto Gaggers.

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The guys from Facial Abuse say this scene was the hardest punishment they’d ever given anyone. Maya was stripped and had her throat drilled by two cocks. The throat fucking was at a good speed but she managed not to puke even when it was balls deep. She lay on her back and swallowed cock till she had balls on her nose and it was kept there till her face turned red. They fucked her ass then and got deeper and deeper till she screamed then they gave her double penetration, pussy and ass. She was thrown onto the floor and made to sit there as they unloaded come on her face. Watch this rough cock gagging throat fuck at Facial Abuse.

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Vanessa Naughty has been trying to get a chance at being forced face fucked for years now but the guys had just been too busy. This porn star got her chance at last and took it well. She is well known for being able to give deepthroat blowjobs but this is so much harder than that.

She is made to keep her mouth wide open as they fuck her face balls deep at full speed. Holding her head with a cock down her neck the puke was coming out of the corners of her mouth. She is led upside down on the couch and face fucked till so much puke came from her she started crying. She should have been more careful what she wished for.

They had an easy way to shut her up, cock down her throat balls deep again. She is placed on top then swallowing cock with puke coming through her nose. With the puke going everywhere her face was a total mess. Making her sit still as they nutted cum on her face didn’t help her looks either. You can see Vanessa take a hard face fucking at Facial Abuse.

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Honey had never done an extreme sex scene but was so confident she was still smiling as the first cock entered her mouth. Seeing this he rammed his cock down her throat and she puked immediately then ran to the bathroom. When she came back out the smile had gone but this dirty latina went back to work. They fucked her face again and she slowly got better until she could take the a cock past her tonsils. When they knew she could handle it the throat fucking went a lot faster and soon she was swallowing cock without problems. The cock gagging carried on for a while then they took turns fucking her pussy before sitting her down and leaving her face covered in cum then making her eat it. Watch this lovely girl choking on cock at Latina Abuse.