Kiandra’ First Time Cock Gagging

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Kiandra is only 19 years old and as such there was a lot of things she’d never done before. The guys decided she may as well go through them all in one big scene.They started off with her face, she hadn’t done deepthroat before but an hand on the back of her head meant whe swallowed cock balls deep even if it did mean leaving puke all over the floor.

She climbed on top then to suck cock from above, an hand pushing her head down till she was balls deep and keeping her held there. Harker then treated Kiandra to her first ever anal, fucking her ass hard and fast. She took the whole thing with no problem and seemed to enjoy it.

She climbed on top then to be pussy fucked, riding the full length of his cock then lying down on her back so he could get even deeper. After they had enough of fucking every hole she had they took turns covering her face in cum. You can see Kiandra choking on cock at Ghetto Gaggers.

Evelyn Jacobs Gets Face Fucked

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Evelyn Jacobs wanted to be a porn star and decided to start here. She probably thought she had to do everything asked of her to give her career a chance as she was easily the most obedient girl they’ve had on there. Even while choking on cock she did exactly as she was told.

Stripped and kneeling she started to suck cock and when they forced cock down her neck she gagged but didn’t back away. They face fucked her faster than most men fuck a pussy and didn’t stop and was even happy to be held upside down and her throat impaled on cock till they were balls deep. She had to move once or twice to puke but was swallowing cock again within seconds.

They had her impale herself on cock then until she had puke coming through her nose then bent her over to fuck her pussy while they spat in her face. She was made to kneel down to have her face covered in cum before a dogs bowl of her own sick was tipped over her head. You can see Evelyn Jacobs swallow cock at Facial Abuse.

Kandee Lixxx Returns To Porn For A Face Fuck

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Kandee Lixx used to be a big porn star but gave up a long time ago saying she was tired of being use. Because of money worries she had to return and for her first big scene she wanted something new. She got that when the guys showed her what throat fucking was all about. She didn’t want to swallow cock at first but a slapped face helped her on her way then the cock gagging began and she backed out completely. A few more slaps though and she returned for a harder face fucking, puking all over herself. They fucked her pussy thenĀ  before making her sit to take loads of come on her face. Go to Ghetto Gaggers and watch the return of a black ghetto legend.

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Porsha Star has a fat ass and the guys are happy to make her suffer mentally as well as physically as they explain to her how she got that way. They strip her down then make her kneel for some tit punishment as they explained to her about excess food. While one was doing this the other held her head for a hard throat fucking.

As he fucked her face he explained that the only way for her to lose weight was to throw up some of the food she was eating and he’d help her in this. She was facefucked balls deep then made to lie down as the throat fucking got harder. He didn’t even slow down for her as she puked up her own nose and down her face.

They had her go on top then with instructions to go all the way down but even a hand on her head couldn’t force it all the way. Giving up on her they bent her over to be pussy fucked before finally sitting her down to cover her face in cum. You can see Porsha dripping with cum at Ghetto Gaggers.

Vanessa Naughty Waits 2 Years For Face Fuck

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Two years after porn star Vanessa Naughty first tried for a scene at Facial Abuse she was finally accepted. She started off bouncing with excitement but seconds after the cock choking starts she would have been happy to have never got the scene. As soon as the face fucking started she was almost in tears.

They put her on her knees and while holding her head still start the face fucking before she has even started sucking cock. You can see how deep they go because you can see the cock under her skin going all the way down her throat. He carries on fucking her face until she is literally in tears and begging him to stop.

She is flipped over after being put on a couch and is gagging on cock until the puke comes flooding from her. They don’t stop there though until there is a giant puddle of it below her.They keep getting deeper until they are balls deep before spinning her on top and forcing her head down until she is choking on cock and has snot bubbles coming from her. They sit her down and she has her face cum covered. You can watch the usual dom Vanessa Naughty take a throat fucking at Facial Abuse.

JC Taylor Gets A Throat Full Of Cock

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When they were really short of money JC’s husband asked her to do a scene for Facial Abuse so they could pay the bills. She looked so unhappy as they stripped her off and didn’t become any happier when they spread her pussy and ass. They let her suck balls before shoving cock in her mouth and let her go easy with a cock blowjob. It didn’t last long though and she was soon being face fucked with a hand under her chin keeping her mouth full of cock. She was laid back to take even more cock in a deeper throat fuck but the worst was still to come. She was impaled with mouth on cock until she had puke dripping from her mouth and her nose. She was pussy fucked then after grossing out the guys then sat down to have her face covered in cum. Go to Facial Abuse to this this amazing cock swallow.

Amor Vond Takes A Puking Face Fuck

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Amor Vond made the mistake of telling the guys she was only doing this so she had some money to start a new life with her boyfriend. That basically told them they could do anything they wanted as she couldn’t quit so they went to town on all of her holes.

They held her head as they forced cock down her neck till they were balls deep then made her lie on the couch and fucked her throat so hard she had to keep stopping to puke in the dogs bowl. She was led on her back and fucked hard before being bent over so they could get even deeper.

As one was fucking her pussy the other was fucking her face while slapping her tits and a few face slaps made her swallow cock a whole lot deeper. She was made to sit down then as they took turns leaving her a cum covered mess. You can see Amor taking a hard face fuck at Facial Abuse.

Jayden Starr Gagging On Cock

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Jayden Starr came into this scene looking like she was trying for a part in a blockbuster. She had been to have her hair done and came in all spruced up and looked lovely until they got to her. She was stripped and made to kneel do before the choking on cock started.

A cock was forced down her neck and held there until she needed to breathe then she took a real face fucking. A hand on her head made her stay there as she puked around his cock while the throat fucking sped up. When she was led on her back and facefucked hard the puke ran all through her new hairdo.

The cock went balls deep and as the thrusts got faster the balls bounced off her nose. They sat her down then and made her stay still as they took turns leaving cum on her face and hair. You can see Jayden Starr gagging on cock at Ghetto Gaggers.

Lyla Storm Throat Fucked Mexican

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Lyle Storm was one of the most professional women they had ever had on Latina Abuse. They started off hard and after stripping her they sat her down. Before she had even started to swallow cock they slapped her face, something they usually hold back on until the girl has refused to swallow cock deep enough.

After that she soon had cock in her mouth balls deep then they throat fucked her hard and fast. They spun her upside down and held her as she was dropped onto cock face first until she had balls on her nose. She was soon puking and it ran up her face and through her hair.

She was made to lick ass before being fucked from behind while made to swallow cock from the front, each thrust forcing cock down her neck even further. Having her arm held behind her back gave her no control over how deep either cock went. She took loads of cum on her face then the dogs bowl of puke was tipped over her and the bowl placed on her head. You can see Lyla throat fucked at Latina Abuse.

Kim Seoul Learns To Throat Fuck

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Even though Kim Seoul has appeared in loads of porn she has never tried anything like this. They had her naked on her knees and tried to ram cock down her neck but she fought it and started choking on cock. They soon gave up and decided she needed to learn so they got out a big double dildo, held her head back and forced it down her neck.

Once she had dildo past her tonsils they fucked her throat with it until she was managing quite well. Once that was sorted they started to fuck her mouth again and this time she took it well. They even managed to hold her head still while they were balls deep for a good few seconds though some tit slaps were needed to keep her still.

After that they fucked her pussy then allowed her to finger her ass with some spit as lube to prepare herself. That was all she was allowed though as they took turns fucking her ass as hard as they could until she was screaming. They took turns dumping cum on her face as she was sucking her thumb at the end. You can see Kim Seoul gagging on cock at Facial Abuse.