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Georgia Lopez is new to this and admits to always being eager to please so they tested her out. She stripped to show her huge tits and tight pussy before starting to suck cock. She started very slow, sucking balls and a bit od cock but refusing to go far and even a hand on her head couldn’t forced it down her neck so they brought out a double dildo.

She was made to swallow the dildo which had her puking but seemed to do the job. They forced cock down her neck there making her ill again but she managed better this time. That’s when they went harder and as they face fucked her deeper she had tears run down her face but let them carry on. They had soon face fucked her enough to get balls deep and even though she carried on puking she never stopped through the whole scene.

She climbed on top of cock then, riding him through her screams which only got worse as they whipped her ass. She took it well but you could see how happy she was to get to the end. They sat her down and left her with a face full of cum, covered in her own puke and silly string. You can see Georgia face fucked at Latina Abuse.

Cock Choking Rayna Spoon Fed Cum

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Rayna applied for this scene and when Big Red saw her he refused to do it. That left them to give the scene to Harker and Boots. She was that ill prepared she wore dirty knickers to the show so they had to find her something to wear, a stocking type body suit with no crotch.

The one thing Rayna did have going for her was how agile she was, locking her legs behind her head. This didn’t impress the guys much though as they shoved cock down her neck as fast as ever. She was soon cock choking and blowing chunks into a dogs bowl which is the effect the guys were aiming for.

They turned her over and made her impale herself till the cock choking was so bad her face was red. They had her ride cock for a bit then before giving her some double penetration for the first time in her life. She was soon sitting down to take a face full of cum which they then spoon fed her. You can see Rayna cock choking at Facial Abuse.

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Amelia and Ananis went up against Big Red and Bootleg in this scene where the girls were made to compete to see who could swallow the most cock. Both started off well swallowing cock balls deep but Amelia had to be turned upside down to swallow it all, throwing up as his cock past her tonsils.

After being face fucked at full speed for a while they were made to use a dildo on each other and lick pussy for the guys amusement. This didn’t last long as seeing them face fucked always turned the guys on so they took their turns fucking their pussies.

They did this in various positions which also allowed the girls to lick each others pussy and also suck nipples. At the end they were made to sit still and take a load of cum to the face then the girls had a bit of a fight with one throwing the dogs bowl of sick over the other. A great scene where 2 girls get face fucked hard and can be found at Ghetto Gaggers.

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Austin Lynn has always been a domme in real life and in her old porn career so this was a big switch for her. They soon had her stripped and on her knees then held her head as he forced his cock down her neck before fucking her face. She puked so much into the bowl that she was bent on all fours and her face pushed into the bowl of puke while being fucked from behind.

Upside down on the couch his balls bouncing on her nose he fucked her face with his cock past her tonsils until she had to push him off to breathe. She was on top next impaling her own throat on his cock and made to hold it there for ten seconds before he started face fucking her again.

She was led on the couch next to have her pussy fucked then was moved onto all fours so he could get deeper inside her. She climbed on top of him and rode his cock before lying down to be taking by him some more. Once he was ready she was knelt down to have her face covered in cum. You can see Austin cock gagging at Facial Abuse.

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Rainie Mae is a chubby blonde girl that needed some extra cash so she thought of this as an easy payday, she was wrong. She was soon stripped and kneeling, his hand holding her ponytail and forcing cock down her throat till she had her nose on his belly and her face turning red. She was held there until she puked before her head was released.

He lay down then so she could lower her face onto his cock. She started a blowjob but that isn’t what the site is about. He forced her further down, making her deepthroat and when she couldn’t manage he gave her a double dildo to practise on. She seemed to manage that a lot better.

Next she was bent over to be fucked from behind. Paul was too big for her though and she was soon in tears but that doesn’t wash on here. She was fucked harder before being made to ride him and take it all. She was knelt down then and made to keep her eyes open as he sprayed cum in her face. You can see Rainie throat fucked at Facial Abuse.

Hazel Choking On Cock Debut

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The guys were fed up with using the same actresses so they went out looking for new ones. They actually found Hazel looking for work and talked her into a scene after explaining what a scene with them was all about. She still said yes and was laughing as she stripped for them.

She was also laughing as the first cock went in her mouth but as soon as that cock hit her tonsils the smile disappeared. She ended up having her face slapped until she let them get cock down her neck balls deep. As soon as that happened they started fucking her face to show what a real brutal deepthroat was.

They took turns fucking her ass and pussy then before making her swallow cock again. The best bit was where she was on her back being throat fucked and puked up and onto her own forehead. They sat her down for the customary load of cum on her face. You can see Hazel at Latina Abuse.

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Moxxie Maddron enjoyed the last two sessions here that she kept calling every week asking for another scene. They agreed with the condition that there are no conditions with this scene. She said that was even better and they could do anything they wanted.

They watched her strip then got right down to it, no sucking cock, just plain fucking her face at full speed. Both Bootleg and Big Red held nothing back as the pounded her throat at full speed till she was puking everywhere. After that they decided she shouldn’t know what was next and put a bag on her head.

They took turns fucking her ass then and afterwards her pussy while she sucked the others cock. She was choking on cock while being fucked on all fours then they moved on to double penetration while being strangled. She sat down after that to take loads of cum on her face with her mouth open and tongue hanging out. She was told this is definitely her last scene so well worth a look over at Facial Abuse.

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Secret was practically naked when she walked into this scene and was smiling her head off, she seemed to be over confident and as the guys like to teach girls like this a lesson they were looking forward to this. She stripped off and surprised them by taking cock down her neck all the way without even being asked.

This was a first for the guys so they tried to ram two cocks down her throat but managed only to get them into her mouth. After fucking her face for a while they lost all incentive, it’s not the same if it doesn’t hurt so they made her ride cock instead, impaling herself and pushing down on her shoulders to make sure she took it all.

Again though she had no problems taking all of it so they moved onto fucking her ass which caused her to make a few noises but she managed that as well so they gave up. They sat her down and left cum on her face and then some got in her eye. Who knew that would be the only time she’d squeal. You can see Secret swallowing cock at Ghetto Gaggers.

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Arlene is a Latina whore who was only to happy to be in this scene as she is a self confessed cock slut. She stripped off and played with her tits before spreading her pussy wide enough to see inside her. The blowjob was gentle as she started sucking cock but the guys don’t do gentle for long and she was soon choking on cock.

They fucked her face slowly at first then a hand on her head held her steady as the pace increased. When she had thrown up but proven that she could handle being face fucked they tried to force two cocks down her neck at the same time. The spit started dribbling from her mouth and nose as the cock went past her tonsils.

After that they took turns fucking her pussy deep and hard until she was squealing. They sat her down then took turns dripping cum over her head then waited while it dried. This stunning Latina whore can be found at Latina Abuse.

Lexi Marie Wants to Be A Porn Star

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Lexi Marie only agreed to this scene as a step to becoming a porn star. They knew she would endure almost anything so they start her off force feeding her sphagetti to fill her stomach then shoving cock down her throat until it’s balls deep. Red fucks her face then as fast as he can.

She is led on her back on the couch for the next bit of throat fucking, him holding her head and shaking it back and fore as she chokes on his cock. She goes on top and has her head forced down until she is giving a full extreme deepthroat as the puke runs down his cock.

She gets to go on top next and ride him as she screams while his cock goes deeper and deeper into her ass. To shut her up he lets her off and makes her crawl on all fours as he spanks her ass. She is made to sit still then with her mouth wide open as he spills his load on her face. You can see Lexi get her throat pounded at Facial Abuse.