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Jayden Starr came into this scene looking like she was trying for a part in a blockbuster. She had been to have her hair done and came in all spruced up and looked lovely until they got to her. She was stripped and made to kneel do before the choking on cock started.

A cock was forced down her neck and held there until she needed to breathe then she took a real face fucking. A hand on her head made her stay there as she puked around his cock while the throat fucking sped up. When she was led on her back and facefucked hard the puke ran all through her new hairdo.

The cock went balls deep and as the thrusts got faster the balls bounced off her nose. They sat her down then and made her stay still as they took turns leaving cum on her face and hair. You can see Jayden Starr gagging on cock at Ghetto Gaggers.

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Lyle Storm was one of the most professional women they had ever had on Latina Abuse. They started off hard and after stripping her they sat her down. Before she had even started to swallow cock they slapped her face, something they usually hold back on until the girl has refused to swallow cock deep enough.

After that she soon had cock in her mouth balls deep then they throat fucked her hard and fast. They spun her upside down and held her as she was dropped onto cock face first until she had balls on her nose. She was soon puking and it ran up her face and through her hair.

She was made to lick ass before being fucked from behind while made to swallow cock from the front, each thrust forcing cock down her neck even further. Having her arm held behind her back gave her no control over how deep either cock went. She took loads of cum on her face then the dogs bowl of puke was tipped over her and the bowl placed on her head. You can see Lyla throat fucked at Latina Abuse.

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Even though Kim Seoul has appeared in loads of porn she has never tried anything like this. They had her naked on her knees and tried to ram cock down her neck but she fought it and started choking on cock. They soon gave up and decided she needed to learn so they got out a big double dildo, held her head back and forced it down her neck.

Once she had dildo past her tonsils they fucked her throat with it until she was managing quite well. Once that was sorted they started to fuck her mouth again and this time she took it well. They even managed to hold her head still while they were balls deep for a good few seconds though some tit slaps were needed to keep her still.

After that they fucked her pussy then allowed her to finger her ass with some spit as lube to prepare herself. That was all she was allowed though as they took turns fucking her ass as hard as they could until she was screaming. They took turns dumping cum on her face as she was sucking her thumb at the end. You can see Kim Seoul gagging on cock at Facial Abuse.

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Elizabeth Bentley is one of the most famous up and coming porn stars around today so getting to do this scene was amazing. The guys pretended not to be impressed but they were. They were also surprised to find out she had such a rough childhood. Being the guys they thought they would help her out by slapping her face, revisit old times and so on.

She was stripped, made to kneel, face slapped then choked while he fucked her face all in the first 10 seconds. She took it well though as the cock passed her tonsils. She was held upside down and dropped onto his cock, hands moved away so she had no control as the cock went balls deep. She was made to impale herself all the way down as well while her mouth was held open.

She went on all fours to be fucked from behind before riding cock as hard as they could give it. She also lay on the couch to have her pussy pounded hard but she took it all so well. She was made to stare at the camera with her mouth and eyes open wide as he spit cum on her face. You can see the professional Elizabeth Bentley choking on cock at Facial Abuse.

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When they were told a girl was coming in that could stretch any of their holes to amazing sizes the guys were very happy. That was until they saw Thelma, one described her as the having been named after the Scooby character only wider. To say they weren’t happy is an understatement but they stripped her off and got on with the job.

Her head was held as they tried to force cock down her neck but she couldn’t manage it all. As punishment they forced an whole tub of chocolate sauce down her throat then with her head hanging over the edge of the couch they fucked her face until she was throwing up what looked like chocolate milk.

She was bent over and fucked from behind before riding cock. They turned her around so that she could have her ass spanked as she rode them but it was hard for them to keep going which they made a point of telling her. She was sat down to be used as a cum catcher and the guys just seemed happy it had ended. You can see Thelma throat fucked at Facial Abuse.

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Janis picked the wrong day to do this scene. Harker was the main problem, he came inĀ  with such a foul mood you had to feel sorry for her. Normally he gives them a few seconds to get used to it but this time he stripped her off, brought out a double dildo and tried to ram it down her throat. When she couldn’t take enough he slapped her face so hard you could see her stunned.

He shoved his cock in her mouth then and started fucking her face at full speed till her noe was on his belly. He led down and got her to impale herself face first in one of the hardest extreme deepthroat scenes they have had on here and that’s saying something.

She was made to sit on top of him then as he fucked her ass which made her squeal. She was turned around then so he could fuck her pussy while spanking her ass. He bent her over to finish her off by fucking her pussy as deep as possible. She was sat down and others joined in to leave a few loads of cum on her face. You can see Janis face fucked at Facial Abuse.

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Coffee Brown returns for a second try at being throat fucked. The guys were happy because she is very pretty but more than that, she can swallow cock like the pro she is. Pauloy Harker starts off choking her then slapping her face before shoving his cock down her neck.

He fucks her throat at full speed from the start with a break every few seconds for her to puke then straight back onto the cock. She was on top then, impaling her own throat onto his cock. She was the one girl they allowed to use her hands because they knew she would follow orders and swallow it all even if she had to ram it down her neck with her hands.

She is bent over and pussy fucked through her screams as she is made to take the whole 10 inches. Even when she is made to ride him she screams though in all fairness she was pushed down to make sure she took it all. She was sat down to have her face cum coated and her eye socket filled with cum. You can see Coffee Brown throat pounded at Ghetto Gaggers.

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Miss LaQueefa is just 18 years old with a great body. She applied for this scene wanting to try new things but after this scene she said she would never do another one like it. They wasted no time and as soon as she was stripped and on her knees he grabbed her head and forced his cock balls deep with his first thrust.

As this hard throat fuck continued she started to puke so they filled her back up with milk and while she still had some in her mouth they started the throat fuck again. She was soon puking again so they got out a double ended dildo and forced it all down her neck.

She was in tears as they spread her own goo on her face but continued the hard throat fuck until they were done with her. They sat her down and left a load of cum on her face. There was no pussy fucking in this one but she more than made up for it by swallowing cock very deep. You can see her first and last hard throat fuck at Ghetto Gaggers.

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Jalisa is one of those girls who will try her hardest to complete any task put in front of her and the guys loved working with her. They still had a job to do though so they didn’t take it easy, stripping her down, holding her head and fucking her face till he was balls deep.

Sat back they fucked her face hard and held it balls deep as she puked around it. She only stopped for the occasional second or two to get some breath but never once complained. Led on her back the same thing happened though they did go rougher when she missed the dogs bowl with her puke then had her go on top so she could impale her throat on his cock.

He was covered in her puke by the end so he had her ride his cock before she is stood in front of him bending over and touching the floor so he could fuck her pussy as deep as possible. She is fucked upside down on the couch as well for quite a while before sitting on the floor to have her face caked in cum. You can see Jalisa take a good balls deep throat fuck at Ghetto Gaggers.

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Georgia Lopez is new to this and admits to always being eager to please so they tested her out. She stripped to show her huge tits and tight pussy before starting to suck cock. She started very slow, sucking balls and a bit od cock but refusing to go far and even a hand on her head couldn’t forced it down her neck so they brought out a double dildo.

She was made to swallow the dildo which had her puking but seemed to do the job. They forced cock down her neck there making her ill again but she managed better this time. That’s when they went harder and as they face fucked her deeper she had tears run down her face but let them carry on. They had soon face fucked her enough to get balls deep and even though she carried on puking she never stopped through the whole scene.

She climbed on top of cock then, riding him through her screams which only got worse as they whipped her ass. She took it well but you could see how happy she was to get to the end. They sat her down and left her with a face full of cum, covered in her own puke and silly string. You can see Georgia face fucked at Latina Abuse.