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Delyla Maxxx came in looking like a tart so that’s exactly how she was treated by the guys. She was already dressed in a black net top that showed everything and tarty high heels so there wasn’t much point in stripping her. They forced her to her knees and put an hand on the back of her head as cock was forced down her neck.

Once that deep he fucked her face till tears were streaming down her face. She was on her back on the couch then with her head hanging down so they could get balls deep fucking her throat. After puking all of her food onto his feet he lost his temper and slapped her face a few times before getting back to the fun stuff.

She was flipped over then and impaled on cock, each time the cock hit her tonsils she’d puke but wouldnt stop. She was ass fucked next going as deep as they could then moved on to fucking her pussy. She was knelt down to take a face full of cum then flour thrown on her to face to dry it up. You can see Delyla choking on cock at Ghetto Gaggers.

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Angel has a really fit body and looks great so the guys were itching to have a go at her. It wasn’t long before they had her on her knees stripped naked. A hand in her hair stopping her head from moving as they forced cock past her tonsils for the first time.

She was soon puking in a bowl before being flipped and suspended with cock down her neck. She had no control as she was lowered onto him, swallowing cock down her throat. She also gets throat fucked while on her back with her head hanging over the edge.

None of this compared to the ass fucking she took. Big Red made her take his full length and actually had her crying by the end of it. That didn’t stop him pounding her ass though, in fact he seemed to push harder. She looked like thunder as they sat her down to cover her face in cum. You can see Sasha cock gagging at Ghetto Gaggers.

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Zayda went into this scene bragging she had never puked from swallowing cock and that today would be no different. What a stupid challenge that was, especially as she had underestimated them so much. She was put on her knees and the face fucking started at full speed, cock down her neck and within a minute she had puked everywhere.

She is made to lie on her back upside down so he can fuck her face until she has his balls on her nose. He fucks her throat hard making her puke again then lets her up to go on top. She is made to swallow cock until her nose hits his balls 5 times then he wraps his leg around her head and holds her down.

She is bent onto all fours and pussy fucked making her squeal then let up to go on top. She is made to ride his cock and spread her ass so she is taking it all. Next she is sat down and takes both loads of cum dripping down her then to end her embarrassment she has her own puke tupped over her head. You can see Zayda cock choking at Facial Abuse.

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Syvally Sweet got to the scene late which is never a good start. The guys took offense at this and really started in hard. She stripped off and stretched but they were having none of this time wasting, they got her sucking cock straight away. Within minutes she was pulling away as they tried to force cock past her tonsils but a hand on the back of the head stopped that and they drilled her throat hard. They lay her on her back then to get better access and fucked her throat hard. Dragged by her hair they got her on all fours before fucking her pussy for 20 minutes then sat her down to take a load of cum on her face. See more of this and other women facefucked at Latina Abuse.

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Taylor Starr has a great body and was trying too hard to please. She did her best at sucking cock but had a little trouble swallowing cock down her neck. She kept trying though, then puking, then trying some more. Eventually she had to have her head held for a forced face fuck but once there she soon settled into it. Led on the couch they managed to throat fuck her balls deep with their balls on her nose before moving on to fucking her pussy. She rode them hard until she was sore then sat quietly to have her face cum covered. See more ghetto whores at Ghetto Gaggers getting facefucked.

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Jazz was scared to do this scene, you could tell by all the complaining she was doing, probably hoping to get kicked off the set. The guys though don’t do that, the more the complein the harder it goes for them. She wasmae to strip and get on her knees then they grabbed her hair and started to fuck her face.

The more she complained the harder they went, soon she was gagging on cock which was balls deep. Even with a cock down her neck she seemed ready to complain though so they decided to try and get two cocks in her mouth. When that didn’t work they made her go on top and impale herself, a hand behind her head forcing cock down her throat.

They had her ride cock then, bouncing up and down, she moaned in a good way then but that was still too much for the guys so they bent her over to spitroast her. Being fucked from behind with no balance as the only thing holding her up was a cock down her neck. They sat her down then and left a load of cum in her hair and on her face. You can see Jazz abused and throat fucked at Latina Abuse.

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Sasha turned up for this shoot in a cheerleaders outfit which the guys found funny till it turns out she is one. They strip her off and start fucking her throat then she made a mistake. She actually told them that this was easy. That was when the cock gagging really started, pushing cock past her tonsils until it was balls deep and she was puking. The cock swallowing turned out to be the best bit for her though as she had pussy fucked so hard she started yelping. That only made the guys go deeper and soon she was screaming and begging to be face fucked again. They made her sit still then to be covered in cum, i doubt she will ever make a comment like it’s easy again. See more cock choking pictures at Facial Abuse.

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Isabella Gonzales is tiny and weighs just 97 pounds but as the guys knew these types of girls try even harder than average sized women. She was stripped naked and her head held as he forced his cock down her neck. Next he picked her up and dangled her upside down with one hand, holding her head with the other as he skull fucked her.

Put on top she was made to impale her throat on his cock and take it all the way balls deep. By this time her makeup was a mess and dripping down her face but she kept on going. His hand held her head steady as he fucked her face hard again she was was puking up food that must have been there for ages.

She sat on top of his cock then and took it all, it was amazing there was enough room to fit without it bouncing off her ribs. She yelled a bit but took it all then was put on all fours so he could get deeper, The dildo with a suction cup was used to fuck her with next then rammed down her throat which was the only time she needed a break. Cum on her face ended this great scene. You can see Isabella gag on cock at Latina Abuse.

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Amy is one of those people that like all other women getting fucked like to be in charge. Unfortunately Latina Abuse don’t believe that these fucked women should have any control so once Amy is stripped they play with her pussy and ass before shoving a finger down her throat. She gets to suck cock before being face fucked and turned over for better access so they can shove cock down her neck balls deep. She is bent over for an ass fucking while the other guy carries on with the face fuck. She is sat down then to take loads of cum on her face. See the lovely Amy at Latina Abuse.

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Sole Dior was called by the guys at Ghetto Gaggers to do a scene and needing money she was happy to agree. It’s bad when she can call this a full time job since she gets less than 6 scenes a year, I Suppose being able to swallow cock past her tonsils is classed as a qualification to her. They stripped her off and played with her a while before shoving a cock in her mouth. She’d done this before so they went straight to work fucking her throat and the black ghetto slut kept coming back for more. They turned her upside down to make sure she swallowed cock balls deep before sitting her down to take a face full of cum. Watch this black rough facefuck at Ghettogaggers.